“We are proud to be a socially responsible company and promote fair practices during all steps of our production. We take gender parity and local economic growth very seriously within our production chain.

Glass pays fair prices to its suppliers and fair wages to its partiers and workers.

Moreover, we continuously promote actions to sustain the local biodiversity and to improve the natural environment of the areas we are using to cultivate our grapes.”


Glass aluminum cans are made of 70% recycled aluminum and are 100% recyclable, while clear bottles can only use 23% of recycled glass.

They weight 40% less than glass and they take up less space. This way we reduce CO2 emissions during transport, reducing the carbon footprint considerably. We will always do our best to be highly responsible with the environment!


At Glass we are accountable for the way we cultivate our grapes, work the fields and care of our natural environment.

Our farmers are committed to the territory and the environment.

We chose a sustainable and environmentally friendly way to produce our grapes, and we make vegan wines. This is not great only for nature and animals, but also for our health.

Soon we will have an organic wine range with the European and CCPAE markings.


Now everybody can enjoy their own Glass.

Freshly opened, at the right temperature and without any risk of COVID-19 transmission, as the can will be vacuum sealed from our safe winery.

Besides, there will be no more couples arguing about which wine to get: asking for a glass of red wine and a glass of white wine for the same meal, is already possible.


Our commercial politics is working the on-trade and the off-trade channel, allowing us to be everywhere in the market, and always near you. The consumers will be able to find us everywhere nearby their homes: a gas station, a supermarket, a gourmet store…

Some restaurants are already our clients!

Glass wants to give moments of happiness to everybody, everywhere and at every moment!


You can get different kind of wine instead of a single bottle, for the same price.

You will be able to store a wide variety of wines at home instead of just one, and offer them to your guests, depending on their taste.

Have the correct pairing right in hand! Glass’ range of wines will be gradually complemented with new varietals and new packs.

Stay tuned for new updates!


Pure freshness flowing with the touch from a can ring. That’s how easy is to enjoy a young wine of the year’s harvest, just opened. It will never be degassed nor oxidized, like that bottle that we opened some days ago…

To enjoy Glass, you don’t need a corkscrew, so we also avoid the problem of not finding one when we need it!

Also, we will never taste cork, taste due to the tree bark bacteria of TCA.


Aluminum has a higher thermal conductivity than glass. That means that our wine cans can be cooled quicker than bottles of wine, when you put them in the fridge.

This way, we can save more energy when cooling a can versus a glass bottle. It is also easier to store in the fridge, as it takes less space and you can store them in any corner!


Glass is perfect for the outdoors.

The elegant and light design (40% lighter than glass) of its cans makes it perfect for a hike or a beach day, or even a music festival.

Our cans are resistant, easy to open and you can keep them anywhere without worries for them to break: just put them on the fridge and enjoy!


Glass is perfect for relaxing at home after a day at work; don’t work extra. We take care of everything.

You won’t have to look for the wine opener or to worry about leaving half a bottle in the fridge that might oxidate, with Glass you can store different types of wine and choose what you please when you please.

Our wines take up little space and are easy to open. Making things easier is our goal!


During several laboratory studies, consumers were made to taste different wines blindly and compare them. None of them could guess which ones where packaged in a can. Our cans are specially layered and specifically built to contain wine, to avoid oxidation and to prevent of any loss of taste and aroma.

We also work our vineyards from the beginning to make a product that will be canned instead of bottled. We have full control, don’t worry!


If you are a defender of the old ways and you are not sure about a can being a good container for wine: don’t worry, we just put wine inside a can, but wine is wine, and we fully agree that wine is best served in a glass; now and always!

We consider that the can is just another choice. All lovers of wine who will benefit of a can packaged Glass wine due to its weight, versatility, size or storage, are welcomed to do so! There are thousands of moments and we cherish them all!


Glass will make the traceability of our product available to its customers. No lies, no surprises. A QR code will allow the consumer to access the complete product information:

geo-locate the vineyards, consult the quality certifications, watch videos of the production process and more.

Glass Canned Wines bets for the future!


All those people that are outing on a night club or a pub and don’t wish to drink any hard liquor or beer they will now have an alternative: a refreshing wine!

A wine will have less alcohol degrees than hard liquor and it will be much lighter and elegant than a beer. We always recommend responsible consumption; that’s why our cans are the equivalent of a cup and a half.


Glass is proud to give back to our world: We are a company of social values. We contribute with a percentage of our annual gains in giving back to different local charities.

As an example, during 2020, we collaborated giving our percentage to La Marató de TV3 to help with the sanitary crisis caused by COVID-19.